Crowns in Tijuana

Crowns in Tijuana – The Complete Guide


Getting crowns in Tijuana is easy, safe, and affordable. While crowns can cost $1,300+ per tooth in the United States, they start at just $250 USD in Tijuana. Tijuana is just a short drive for people across the Southwest US, and making the trip may save you thousands on your dental care. 

Read on to learn all you need to know about getting crowns in Tijuana.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Crowns in Tijuana?

The cost of dental crowns in Tijuana ranges between $260 USD and $550 USD per tooth. This range is largely due to the type of material used, with all-metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns costing relatively less and materials like E.Max and zirconia costing more.

Below is a price table for our partners in Tijuana.

Cost of Dental Crowns in the USA
$1,300+ Average Cost USA
Cost of Dental Crowns in Tijuana
$260-475 Dental Brush
$250-450 Evidentall
$300-550 Nakeji Dental Group

What is the Best Dental Clinic to get Crowns in Tijuana?

At Apollo Medical Travel, we have vetted clinics all over Latin America for quality and price. Below are our top picks in Tijuana and how much they charge for the procedure.

Dental Brush offers crowns for between $260 and $475 USD per tooth depending on the material. Located just across the border from the United States, many patients choose to stay in San Diego and make the commute across the border for the two visits it takes to complete the procedure. Dental Brush’s in-house dental lab make getting crowns a quick and easy treatment.

Evidentall, located close to Tijuana’s famed “La Revu” offers crowns for between $250 and $450 USD. Evidentall uses an external dental lab, so the process can take 5+ days, but the clinic itself offers a personalized, boutique experience that many patients love.

Nakeji Dental Group, located just a few miles from the border, offers crowns for $300-550 USD. Their in-house lab makes the experience a breeze, and they offer a convenient shuttle service for their patients.

How Long Does it Take to Get Crowns in Tijuana?

Dental Crowns require 2 visits spread out over several days. In a clinic that has an in-house dental lab, patients should allocate 2-3 days for the procedure. For clinics using an external lab, the process can take 5-7 days. Each individual crown takes time for a lab to mill and prepare for you, so patients getting more crowns can expect a longer wait. When you get a free quote through our site, the clinic will also provide you with an estimate for how long your procedure will take. 

What is the Process to Get Crowns in Tijuana?

Get a Free Quote

The first step to getting crowns in Tijuana is getting a free quote from a dentist. You will want to have a good idea of what your procedure will cost, how long it will take and what kind of results you can expect.

In this stage you should get quotes from several dentists you feel comfortable with and see the portfolios and reviews of previous patients. 

Make an Appointment

Once you’ve found a dentist you want to do your crowns, you will need to make an appointment. It is best to make an appointment at least 2 weeks before your visit.

Travel to Tijuana

Most people who get crowns in Tijuana travel by car into the city or cross on foot at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Tijuana is within a reasonable drive of San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas.

A pro tip for those flying in from the United States is to fly into San Diego’s Airport and take public transportation to the border. This is almost always less expensive than an international flight to Tijuana.

Travelers entering Tijuana will need a passport or an enhanced drivers license. Crossing the border with a birth certificate and a driver’s license, as has been allowed in years past, may result in being denied entry when going into Mexico or in delays when re-entering the United States. 

Your Appointments for Crowns in Tijuana

Crowns require a minimum of 2 appointments. In the first appointment, your dentist will offer an initial consultation, take x-rays, and ensure that you are a good candidate for crowns. Next, your teeth will be prepared for the crowns.

In your second appointment, which will typically be 2-3 days later, your dentist will apply the crowns they have made in the lab and ensure that they fit well and are colored to match the surrounding teeth.

During the time between appointments, most patients opt to stay at a hotel close to the Paseo de los Heroes in the Zona Rio, a section of the city that is safe and popular among international visitors. Other patients opt to stay in San Diego and commute across the border for their appointments. 

Is it Safe to Get Crowns in Tijuana?

Safety is a common concern for patients traveling to Tijuana for dental care. The first worry is physical safety within Mexico and the second is the safety of going to a Mexican dentist. 

We recommend that patients take sensible precautions such as not drinking in excess, refraining from illegal drug use, and not putting much trust in “helpful strangers” while they are traveling for medical care. With a few sensible precautions, traveling in Tijuana can be very safe. The border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego, the San Ysidro Port of Entry, is the busiest border crossing n the world and millions of Americans enjoy  safe and fun trips to Tijuana every year.

As for the quality of care, dentists in Mexico are highly capable of providing safe and effective treatment. Moreover, the providers listed on our site have been thoroughly vetted and have excellent reputations for quality and service.


Am I a Good Candidate For Crowns?

Crowns are a great option for patients with broken, worn teeth, or discolored teeth. Crowns are also a potential solution for people with bite alignment issues. 

If you have gotten dental implants, crowns are also necessary because they serve as a prosthetic tooth.

 Do Dentists in Tijuana Guarantee Their Work on Crowns?

Yes, clinics rely on word of mouth and will offer guarantees on their work to make sure you as a patient and a customer are happy. The guarantee is typically 1-3 years and ensures that the work itself was done well. Warranties do not cover damage to crowns from trauma (ie- a car crash) or other factors unrelated to the treatment. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Crowns in Tijuana?

Traveling to Tijuana for your crowns will get you the same high quality care you could expect back home at a much more affordable price. Many patients use their savings to invest in higher quality materials than they would otherwise get back home or on enjoying a little vacation while they are abroad. 

The primary disadvantage of getting crowns in Tijuana is the sacrifice of convenience. While it is undoubtedly less expensive to get dental crowns in Tijuana, it is more of a hassle than getting your treatment around the corner from where you live.

Why Is It So Much Cheaper to Get Crowns in Tijuana Than in the US or Canada?

The primary reason that it is cheaper to get crowns in Tijuana instead of the US or Canada is the cost of labor. The cost of living is far lower in Mexico, and wages are about 1/3 that of those in the US. Meanwhile, dentists in Tijuana use the same high end materials, techniques, and technology as their colleagues in the US.

What Other Options Should I Consider?

People considering crowns might also consider teeth whitening, veneers, and dental implants in order to correct discolored or damaged teeth. Your dentist will be able to provide you with several options. If you are interested in another destination, Los Algodones, Mexico City, and Playa del Carmen also offer high quality crowns at an affordable price. 

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