Mini Facelift

rejuvenate your face for a beautiful, youthful appearance

Procedure Duration

2 hours

Recommended Stay

8-10 days

What is a Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift is a modified facelift aimed at correcting sagging skin around the neck and jawline to restore a more youthful appearance. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

The following characteristics are those of an ideal candidate, but a plastic surgeon will be able to let you know if a facelift is appropriate for your unique situation.

Good Overall Health
Chronic conditions including restricted blood flow, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and a compromised immune system can limit healing and be contraindications for a facelift procedure.

Realistic Expectations
Plastic surgery is as much an art as a science and patients must realize that while they can expect an improvement in targeted areas, results will not be perfect.

Not Smoking
Tobacco use reduces the body’s ability to heal after surgery.

What Does it Cost?

Average Cost in the USA
$8,000 USD

Apollo Medical Travel
$4,500 USD

What Does it Include?

o Medical Tests
o Surgeon Fees
o Anesthesiologist Fees
o Facility Fees
o Post Surgical Garments
o Nurse Supervision During the First Night (when required)
o Follow Up Appointments
o Personalized Guidance

* This is what a patient can expect to pay for this procedure, subject to the evaluation of a physician.

Featured Surgeon

Abraham Juárez López de Nava

Baja Surgery Center
Los Algodones, Mexico

Abraham Juárez López de Nava

Baja Surgery Center
Los Algodones, Mexico

Featured Location

Los Algodones, Mexico

What is the Plan?

Choose a Physician

Choosing your doctor is an important decision, but it does not have to be a difficult one. Physicians associated with Apollo Medical Travel are highly respected in the field and you can see all of their qualifications and experience in their profile.

Book an Appointment

Before your arrival, your doctor will provide you with a virtual consultation and ensure that you are all set for your procedure.

Book Your Travel and Lodging

A rep from Apollo Medical Travel will contact you shortly after you have confirmed your appointment. We can help you find beautiful accommodations at a great price close to where you will be getting your procedure and arrange for your airport pick up.


A mini facelift is performed under general or local anesthesia. Your surgeon will use small incisions around your ears and hairline to remove excess tissue and then lift and tighten remaining tissue upwards. Your surgeon will then use sutures to close the incision sites.

Immediately Following Procedure

Your physician will provide recovery instructions and you will be prescribed pain medications to help manage swelling and discomfort.

7-9 Days

Your sutures will be removed and you will be able to return to work and light activities. After your sutures are removed you will be able to fly home.

After Returning Home

We recommend that you see your healthcare provider as soon as possible after you get home. Though complications are rare, every surgery carries risk and it is important to ensure that your body is recovering properly!

2 Weeks

Your swelling and bruising should resolve significantly at this time. You will typically be able to resume light physical activities, but you should avoid strenuous exercise and lifting.

4 Weeks

At this stage you will be able to return to your normal activities and patients are typically confident in appearing in important social settings.

Every surgery carries a risk of complications. Your physician will explain the risks of your specific procedure in your consultation and ensure that you are an appropriate candidate for surgery.

Medical tourism also carries specific risks including the elevated risk of blood clots forming during air travel. This risk is mitigated but not eliminated by following the appropriate recovery protocols prescribed by your physician in your destination country.

Furthermore, medical travel carries the risk of exposure to antimicrobial resistant organisms that may be less common in the United States. This risk is mitigated but not eliminated by your physicians infection prevention and control measures and medication prescribed following your procedure as appropriate.

Lastly, medical travel carries the risk that continuity of care will be disrupted. Apollo Medical Travel will help you mitigate this risk by ensuring the appropriate medical paperwork reaches your overseas provider and that your hometown physician receives the appropriate medical documentation to properly give you follow up care.

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