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Rediscover vitality and rejuvenation at Blue Phoenix Stem Cells, nestled in the heart of Medellin, Colombia.

Unveil a new chapter of wellness with our state-of-the-art stem cell therapy, designed to revitalize your body.

Our adept team of skilled professionals, trained and armed with cutting-edge stem cell advancements, is dedicated to guiding you towards optimal health and restoration.

Imagine a seamless journey to rejuvenation, all orchestrated under one roof.

Our comprehensive care encompasses a spectrum of treatments, thoughtfully tailored to your individual needs, promising results that are as unique as you are.

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Your health is our priority. With an outstanding laboratory partnership, a team of English speaking professionals, and a holistic approach to wellness, you will be in good hands.


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Vetted Doctors

Meet Your Doctor

Highly trained professionals serving patients
from the US and Canada in Medellin, Colombia

Dr. Mariana Jaramillo

Chief Medical Officer with a focus on functional and integrative medicine.


Doctor of Medicine
Universidad CES


Continuing Education 

Fellowship for Integrative Health and Medicine
AIHM, San Diego, California, USA

Dr. Martin Mesa

Dr. Mesa is responsible for stem cell applications in the joints.


Orthopedic Physician
Universidad del Rosario

Continuing Education 

Training in Shoulder Surgery
Boston Medical Center

Member, Colombian Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology

Member, Chapter of Arthroscopy

Dr. Álvaro Ospina

Dr. Ospina is responsible for all stem cell treatments in the spine.


Doctor of Medicine
Universidad CES

Continuing Education 

Universidad CES

Dr. Maria Henao

Dr. Henao is responsible for advanced treatments such as neural therapy and ozone.


Doctor of Medicine
Universidad CES

Masters in Neural Therapy (currently enrolled)
Universidad de Barcelona

Continuing Education 

Certification in Ozone Therapy

Procedures & Pricing

All procedures include a 5 business day treatment protocol.

Procedures over $20,000 USD include 5 free nights at the Novotel.

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Appointments must be made with at least 3 weeks advanced notice to allow for the cultivation of stem cells.

Blue Phoenix observes Colombian federal holidays.

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Frequently Asked


What are stem cells?

Stem cells possess the remarkable ability to mature into various cell types within the human body, granting them a unique capacity for repairing and regenerating tissues.

Blue Phoenix exclusively harnesses mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cords, which have demonstrated exceptional efficacy in treating a diverse array of medical conditions.


How are stem cell treatments done?

Stem cell treatments are tailored to each person’s unique needs. In many situations, we place stem cells directly into the targeted area. For example, we might inject them into a joint like the shoulder for joint treatment, or into the scalp or face for aesthetic purposes. In other cases, we administer stem cells through the veins, allowing the treatment’s effects to spread throughout the entire body.

When direct injection isn’t feasible, we use intravenous treatment. This is done when dealing with conditions inside the body’s organs, such as the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neurological, or endocrine systems. In these cases, the stem cells use a “homing effect.” The affected organ releases substances into the bloodstream that signal the rest of the body about the problem. The stem cells detect these signals and travel to the specific organ needing help, where they can take action to promote healing.

How do stem cells work?

Stem cells work in various ways:

  1. They can change and become different types of tissues, especially connective tissue.
  2. They share parts of themselves with damaged cells in your own body, helping those cells stay alive.
  3. They release exosomes, which are tiny sacs containing substances that can reduce inflammation and change how the immune system works in the tissues where they’re released.

What’s the difference between umbilical cord-derived stem cells, and stem cells derived from one’s adipose tissue or bone marrow (autologous cells)?

Cells taken from umbilical cords offer three key benefits compared to cells from the patient’s own body:

  1. No invasive procedure is needed to collect the cells, unlike when using stem cells from bone marrow or adipose tissue.

  2. The quantity of cells available is not restricted when using umbilical cells. In contrast, with patient-derived cells, the number of cells is limited to what’s already in their tissues.

  3. Over time, autologous stem cells often lose their effectiveness and might become impaired, reducing their usefulness as a treatment. This isn’t the case with umbilical cord-derived cells.

What does a full treatment protocol look like?

Normally, patients come to us for a week of treatment. The stem cell procedure usually takes place on the third or fourth day. Every day, they’ll spend an hour inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which is a strong treatment for healing and reducing inflammation. Besides that, they’ll have consultations and receive vitamin IVs. Throughout the week, patients will spend around two hours each day with us.

How do I prepare for treatment?

In general, we recommend that patients focus on eating healthy before their treatment and avoid alcohol and smoking right before and after the procedure. We also have a consultation before the treatment to make sure patients are ready and to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

How long do the beneficial effects of stem cells last?

A single stem cell treatment can result in clinical improvements that might last for several years, depending on the specific health issue. For instance, in cases of joint treatments, we’ve observed the growth of connective tissue for as long as 6 months after the cell injection. When it comes to autoimmune diseases, the level of symptom control achieved can extend up to a year following intravenous application, depending on the seriousness of the condition. However, it’s important to remember that even though stem cell therapy holds great promise, the exact effects in each individual case cannot be guaranteed.


How long does it typically take to recover from treatment?

The time it takes for recovery varies based on the treatment type and a patient’s health and age. Some people can feel better in just a week, but for others, it might take a month or even more. Our medical team customizes a post-treatment plan for each patient to make sure they have a smooth recovery. We also schedule follow-up consultations to keep track of progress after the treatment.


Are your treatments covered by insurance?

These procedures are typically not covered by insurance. We do however offer financing options for patients.

How long does it take to see results?

This varies depending on the type of treatment, as well as the health and age of the patient. Generally speaking however, patients typically feel initial results less than a month after treatment. Often they will continue to see ongoing results for months afterwards.

Is Medellin safe to visit?

Absolutely! Medellin has experienced a remarkable transformation in recent years, attracting a diverse range of visitors for both short stays and extended periods. Interestingly, Medellin has surpassed other cities like Cartagena and has become Colombia’s top tourist destination. Our clinic is situated in the city’s prominent medical tower, located in a secure and safe neighborhood.


How do I know that the stem cells are of the highest quality?

We have partnered with a stem cell lab that is a member of the International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT), which ensures that the lab follows the strictest quality and safety standards.

Does stem cell treatment cause any side effects?

No serious or life-threatening adverse events have been reported after stem cell treatments. You may experience minor side effects such as chills, fever, and flu-like symptoms. In treatments where we apply the stem cells locally (joint, spine, aesthetic, urologic), you may also have some swelling and pain where the cells were injected. Both the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and the complementary IVs that we offer during the week of treatment will help you recover more quickly.

How can I be sure if a stem cell treatment is good for me?

For every patient interested in stem cell treatment, we begin by having an initial consultation in order to go through their specific case and find out if stem cells are an appropriate treatment. In special cases where there isn’t much specific scientific research, we first have a staff meeting of doctors and the stem cell lab staff to make an informed decision.


Do I still benefit from having a stem cell treatment if I don't have any disease?

Yes! Stem cells are a potent anti-aging and anti-inflammatory treatment that can help improve your overall health and well-being even if you don’t have any known illness.