Clínica de Rehabilitación Oral e Implantes

Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Clínica de Rehabilitación Oral e Implantes

The Dr. German Ariza Oral Rehabilitation and Implants Clinic is more than an oral health center, it is the result of four generations at the service of dentistry throughout history since 1930, it is structured and formed under the knowledge and experience of an entire family dedicated to improving the quality of life of people through their diagnosis, treatment and oral maintenance.

In 1990, Doctor German Ariza García specialized in oral rehabilitation and implants at the CIEO of the Nueva Granada Military University, he also became director of the postgraduate course in oral rehabilitation at the Javeriana University, he was Director of the Osseointegration diploma 2006-2007 and Professor of the Osseointegration Diploma at the Javeriana University.

After a long career of knowledge and practices, Dr. German Ariza García became recognized for his presentations about the various treatments in dentistry, he has been a professor at the CIEO and the Javeriana University for 20 years and currently continues to teach his knowledge in undergraduate and Postgraduate degree from the Javeriana University, Dr. German Ariza García was one of the pioneers in applying laser technology in Colombia, and he obtained great recognition for his great knowledge in the management of this technology in applications for implants, surgeries and whitening, becoming one of the forerunners and most recognized national and international speakers (Fellow – Master of International Congress of Oral Implantologists). 

In 1988, the development of what is today the Dr. German Ariza Oral Rehabilitation and Implant Clinic began, which currently has fully equipped offices, in addition to various medical technology and diagnostic devices. 

In 2008, Dr. Carolina Ariza Fajardo García, daughter of Dr. German Ariza García, obtained a degree in dentistry from the Javeriana University, during her studies she carried out an exchange in the United States with the University of Kentucky in the area of Orofacial pain, Maxillofacial Surgery and Public Health where she had the opportunity to acquire knowledge through one of the most recognized and prestigious dentists in the world, Dr. Jeffrey P. Okeson, contributing this knowledge to our institution, she is currently carrying out her specialization studies in oral and reconstructive implantology in the CIEO, and is part of this clinic that has marked an important evolution in the development of new practices in dentistry.

Thanks to technology and all the preparation, today our work team has the best dental equipment and is doing research constantly, in order to provide our patients with a better result in their procedures, thus generating a difference in the area of dentistry and always placing themselves at the forefront of dental treatments.

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Procedures and Pricing

These prices are a template and do not represent the prices of the Clinic (13 Jan 2021).

FREE Consulation
$70 CT Scan
$50 Regular Teeth Cleaning
$45 Deep Cleaning, Root Scaling Per Quadrant
$100 Laser Teeth Whitening (1 session)
$295 Laser Whitening (3 sessions)
$150 Teeth Whitening, Take Home Kit
$60 Composite Filling (1 surface)
$70 Composite Filling (2 surfaces)
$80 Composite Filling (3 surfaces)
$90 Extraction (simple)
$150 Extraction (surgical/impacted)
$225 Extraction (wisdom)
$370 Full Denture, Immediate / Healing (upper or lower)
$220 Partial Denture, Acrylic Frame (upper or lower)
$450 Partial Denture, Metal Frame (upper or lower)
$370 Partial Denture, Flexible Frame (upper or lower)
$450 Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown
$590 Porcelain Crown
$600 Zirconia Crown
$90 Temporary Crown
$500 Porcelain Bridge Crown (Pontic)
$1,220 2-Unit Porcelain Bridge (with metal strip)
$1,720 3-Unit Porcelain Bridge (with metal strip)
$2,220 4-Unit Porcelain Bridge (with metal strip)
$2,720 5-Unit Porcelain Bridge (with metal strip)
$215 Night Guard (soft)
$140 Root Canal (anterior)
$175 Root Canal (premolar)
$190 Root Canal (molar)
$150 Post/Core Build Up (with post)
$880 Root Canal Treatment (post, core, porcelain crown)
$790 Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only)
$595 Standard Implant Porcelain Crown (including abutment)
$1,385 Titanium Implant, Abutment, with Porcelain Crown
$6,900 "All on Four" (fixed acrylic bridge)
$9,580 "All on Six" (fixed acrylic bridge)
$14,000 "Total Mouth Restoration" (All on Four Down, All on Six Up Acrylic Combo)
$420 Bone Graft (per unit)
$1,830 Sinus Lift (bilateral
FREE Local Anesthesia

All prices listed are base prices and subject to change based on your initial consultation.


Dr. German Ariza

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Universidad Javeriana

Specialist in Oral Rehabilitation UMNG, CIEO

Postgraduate Director of Oral Rehabilitation
Universidad Javeriana (2005-2007)

Director of the Osseointegration Diploma
Universidad Javeriana (2006-2007)

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Professor
Universidad Javeriana

International Congress of Oral Implantologists
Fellow – Master

National and International Speaker


Dr. Maria Isabel Fajardo

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Universidad Javeriana

Specialization in Endodontics
Universidad Santo Tomas

Dr. Carolina Ariza Fajardo

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Universidad Javeriana

Specialization in Oral Implantology

Dr. Jose Alejandro Ariza Garcia

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Universidad Javeriana

Specialization in Orthodontics
Universidad Javeriana

Undergraduate Professor
Universidad San Martin


Dr. Juliana Ibañez

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Universidad Javeriana

Oral Rehabilitation

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