World Class Dental Care at an Affordable Price

We’ve got your back.

  • High Quality Dental Clinics
  • Affordable Prices
  • Personalized Care

World Class Dental Care at an Affordable Price

We’ve got your back.

  • High Quality Dental Clinics
  • Affordable Prices
  • Personalized Care


Dental Clinics

Sani Dental Group Alamo Clinic


4.05/5 – 189 Reviews

For most people, Sani Dental Group “Alamo”, the main dental center in Los Algodones, is the perfect fit. A large dental clinic with more than 35 dentists and an on-site dental lab makes it clear why Sani Dental Group is the Best Value in Dental Care. 

Sani Dental Group Platinum


4.02/5 – 67 Reviews

For those who want a little more personal and attentive care in an upscale, cutting edge environment. Patients find that Sani Dental Group’s Platinum Clinic offers the perfect blend of luxury and affordability. 

Dental Brush Tijuana


4.34/5 – 58 Reviews

Experience the same quality of care in Mexico for a fraction of the price of what you would pay in the U.S. The difference in price often allows patients to afford better materials and dental care brands than they would back home.

Evidentall Tijuana Dental Implants Crowns Root Canals



5/5 – 22 Reviews

Evidentall combines the most innovative techniques in gum treatment, implants, and dental aesthetics with extraordinary attention to patients to bring permanent solutions to various oral problems.

Nakeji Dental Group


4.86/5 – 160 Reviews

Nakeji is a 100% Mexican, family-owned company with more than 35 years of experience in the dental field, always at the forefront in materials, equipment and training.

Ideal Dental Center


4.8/5 – 186 Reviews

Ideal Dental Center offers a full range of dental specialists under one roof and provides care with a team approach in which several dentists collaborate to create a treatment plan for each patient.

Sani Dental Group Playa del Carmen all-on-4 all-on-6 dental implants crowns

Sani Dental Group Cancun Riviera


4.24/5 – 66 Reviews

Sani Dental Group’s newly opened clinic in Playacar is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the warm sun, crystalline waters, and natural beauty of Southeastern Mexico while getting dental care performed by highly trained and experienced professionals.  

OG Center offers a range of procedures from All-on-4 to dentures

OG Center


5/5 – 180 Reviews

OG Center is focused on customer service, with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to the environment.

Centro de implantes de la costa - dental center in Cartagena, Colombia

Centro de Implantes de la Costa


5/5 – 6 Reviews

Centro de Implantes de la Costa is a dental clinic in Cartagena, Colombia that offers highly specialized treatments such as orthodontics, oral surgery, smile design, oral rehabilitation, aesthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry and dental implants.

Dentist Cartagena


5/5 – 4 Reviews

Improve your smile in one of the top destinations in the Caribbean. Located beachfront in the most exclusive part of the wonderful Cartagena, Colombia.

Alta Estetica Dental


5/5 – 5 Reviews

Alta Estética Dental combines technology and a highly qualified team to provide comprehensive care to their patients.

Clinica Liv


5/5 – 9 Reviews

Liv brings together a group of health specialists to provide comprehensive rejuvenative medicine.

International Smiles


4.9/5 – 157 Reviews

International Smiles offers a holistic approach to dental wellness for expats and visitors to Medellin, Colombia.

Bogota, Distrito Capital, Colombia

Clínica de Rehabilitación Oral e Implantes


no reviews

Dr. German Ariza and his team apply world class expertise to a full range of dental procedures.

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